Walking Artists

Because of the nature of this project it is important to acknowledge the world of walking artists.

A lot of our inspiration for this final year piece came from previous work that we have done and artists that we have explored such as audio artists and sound walkers. Even though our focus is silent walks I examined some practitioners who focus on using audio to lead their participants around a walk.

Below is a document I found about a culmination of sound walk artists


The definition of Sound Walking was the most important to me. Before looking at this document I had an incorrect vision of what a sound walk was. I thought it only involved artificial sound and a guide. However i have since discovered it can also be to do with environmental sound;

This link to our project was incredibly prevalent to our aims and an inspiration for our project;

‘A soundwalk is any excursion whose main purpose is listening to the environment. It is exposing our ears to every sound around us no matter where we are. We may be at home, we may be walking across a downtown street, through a park, along the beach; we may be sitting in a doctor’s office’

Westerkamp, H. (1974). Soundwalking. Sound Heritage. 3(4),  pp. 1.


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