Live Feed

We had planned to have a live feed of our performance projected on to a screen. This would be so those involved could witness the map being built. We then intended to broadcast and upload the film to spaces such as YouTube. This would ensure a lasting record of the process the participants undertook in making their own maps and adding them to the pre-existing map.

However due to various technical difficulties and the original space being double booked, we were no longer able to make the live feed as planned. However we were able to overcome these obstacles and managed to film the building of the larger map and broadcast it to YouTube. This documentation of performance is inspired by the work of Sophie Calle who creates pieces that are based around documentation of performance; the idea that through documentation, one can leave a legacy ready for interpretation. We also took inspiration from a performance called Gob Squad that utilised Live feed of a TV presenter inviting individuals in and join the revolution. This was a public intervention that focused on inviting people into the space.

Below is the video that we did manage to create.


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