Project Presentation

Today is the day. We battled our way through the busy underground network with our bulky map and sheltered it from the rain on our way. As we wandered through the streets of Haggerston with our unusual objects, I considered how we were already performing and altering the environment and the space by simply being present. Without even setting up our installation, we were already performing a piece of theatre to the local people going about their everyday business. This is supported by Tompkins who states an intervention is anything that departs from the ordinary and everyday; where individuals who perform ordinary tasks can inadvertently become actors just by observing.

Once we made it to the venue we started putting together our map. This was a slightly stressful process as we felt we were limited by the time we had available. Furthermore, as a result of the nature of the project, we had not had a trial run and none of us had suspended items from the celling before. Despite this we worked well together and completed the task without too much difficulty.

Although we had to move from the centre of the room due to a double booking on the venues behalf, we realised that in the new performance space there was a perfect view of the waterways and the very area that our map represents.

Below are images from the day, with thanks to Loren Wright;






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