The Noisy Bit

Below are the sound recordings from our walk between each of the Landmarks on our larger map.These will be displayed as part of our project on a laptop, participants will then be encouraged to listen to the sound recordings and make their own sound maps. These are also the recordings that we used to create the second layer of our map, the sound map.

We also took pictures of how the landmark looks today these will be handed out so participants can fins each of the areas.




IMG_0660This is the independent Gas works from the canal side. We decided this view was clearer so we would use it as the side that our participants should attempt to locate.




Once we completed the walk we spent some time talking to our tutor about our process at ‘The Proud Archivist’. This was incredibly useful and allowed us to clarify our intentions as well as update her on the progress of our map.

We then moved onto a hardware store in the local area in order to find some materials to create a frame for our sound map. We did this because we were concerned about it drooping in the middle when suspended from the celling. After much discussion the group decided on a metal as our material of choice, as it was the most suited to the aesthetics of our map.

It was also interesting to be sourcing our material from a local independent store and, by doing so, contributing directly to the local economy . The idea of using materials from the area is fantastic and is a brilliant integration of the object into the space. It would have been nice to be able to use local materials more readily and perhaps more from the landscape itself, such as leaves from along our walk.


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