The Night Before

This evening the group met to make the final touches to our map and discuss the different practitioners that influenced our work. We made a list of things that needed doing:

  • 3D train station and bridges had to be built.
  • 3D Independent Gas Works needed to be completed.
  • The distillery, the park and India Rubber Work had to be collaged.
  • The information pack needed to be printed.
  • The maps with today’s photos of the landmarks needed to be created.
  • Complete Sound Map.

These tasks did not take very long and we were able to carry out these tasks quickly and efficiently. I then set about making T-Shirts, once again from the colours most prevalent within our map. The T-Shirts read Noisy Maps, Silent Walks. They are designed to differentiate our group from the others within the gallery and create a sense of continuity between ourselves and the physical project. In retrospect this unity could also be read as exclusion by our participants and give them a sense that we are higher than them, taking a superior role. This was not our intention however, and if we were to develop the project further I would suggest that the participants could transfer their personal maps onto a T-shirt. It could then be worn to create a visual unity within the group. During this session we also created our handouts for participants with images of what our landmarks look like today taken on our walk.

Bellow are the final copies of our paper work;

SS Independent Gas Works Information Pack

SS St. Mary’s Church Information Pack

SS Haggerston Station Information Pack

SS Bridge Information Pack



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