Making and Doing x3

When I arrived at Kayleigh and Laura’s for the next session of map making, Kayleigh had created a prototype for our 3D model of St Mary’s church. I was very pleased with the prototype as it was sturdy and in perfect proportion. We discussed that the final copy should be reinforced with card. Below is an image of the prototype;


After looking at the church as a group we started working on the sound map. From a personal perspective, I felt the sound element of our project was the most prevalent and most important. It created a comment on the space in which our project operates, as well as encouraging recognition of surroundings by our participants,  one of our main aims. For this reason I was very excited about its creation.

It was decided that many different people would have different interpretations of the recorded sound. For this reason our second layer would be made up of three different Sound Maps.

Kayleigh and I decided to do ours together. However Kayleigh did hers on a piece of paper in order to prevent getting in each others way and taking influence from one another, as we are intending to encourage our participants to take their own paths and create their own opinions. When we finished we discussed what we had drawn it was interesting to discover our differences and similarities. One element that was constant in both was the continuous undertone at no point did either of us hear complete silence.

Below are some images of it progression, the black ink is my own sound map and the red is Kayleighs, we decided to stick to the colours of the Hackney coat of arms in order to connect it back to the area and create continuity between our bottom layer and second layer.



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