Making and Doing x 1

Map Making

A few weeks later me and Kayleigh met to continue work on the Map. We started by defining the outline of the roads and landmarks. We then discussed the different methods that we could use in order to complete our map. The most prominent part of our Map the canal running through its centre, it is for this reason that we focused on it first. We decided that we would create a mosaic effect with a plethora of different shades of blue, to indicate that the water changes colour dependant on a variety of environmental factors such as weather and shadow.

We then Started examining the Basin’s that are very prominent in size on our map. For this Kayleigh expressed the desire to use words for inside the Kingsland Basin as inspired by the book You Are Here which looks at a variety of different maps as presented by various artists. I then suggested that we fill in the gaps with patterns that reflect the movement of the water. Also if you look closely at the patterns you can see small bits of nature such as bees and flowers that reflect the tranquil area that the basins are in in contrast to the busy concrete mass that is London.

The next task was to work on the roads, we decided early on that we would use red for the roads as that is how they a represented on traditional road maps. We experimented on some pieces of paper and arrived at drawing small desire lines and derives to represent our participants ability to change their city even when within structure as concrete as roads.

Finally we looked at creating the green areas of our map, the graveyard of St Marys church is represented by stencils of leaves and small cut out pieces of green card to once again impose a Juxta-Position to the ever present concrete in London.IMG_0525IMG_0532IMG_0535



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