Lecture (Week 8)

During this lecture Kayleigh and Laura had prior commitments. As a result I spoke to my lecturer and it was decided that I would continue at home as she did not need to see our group for any specific reason.

Subsequently I spent the lecture hours doing some research into the Hackney area as a whole.

Throughout the project I have become acutely aware that as practitioners we are operating as ‘Outsiders’ Below is and article that I found on what that means for us as artists and the area we are operating in.


After falling upon this article I have become acutely aware of how important it is to understand the area that we are working with and do exactly that, work with it not against it.

For this reason I feel that it is important the emphasise the fact that we are not from the area, but we are leaving a mark on the area through our presence alone. It is hoped that through the freedom of our project for the participants to make it what they want it to be, we will take a facilitators role that does not dictate the final outcome but instead allows the participants to alter the site through their presence and share information about what they find.



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