Lecture (Week 7)

Firstly as a class we examined our interpretations of the reading by Jane Rendell that we had been allocated the week previous.

Key Concepts

  • What is art ?
  • Land artists is this site specific ?
  • Land art as a critique of gallery settings

The third point is of particular interest to me due to our own project. We have created a hybrid of the land art that Rendell refers to and the gallery setting that is scrutinised by so many practitioners as elitist. It calls in to question whether our project can be inclusive and site specific at the same time as its display being in a gallery.

Personally I feel due to the welcoming atmosphere of the proud archivist and the geographical location of the café this should not be a problem when presenting the work as a site-specific theatre.

After this analysis the class moved to the proud archivist, I am learning to love this little café and was excited to return. Once we arrived we met with Anton who spoke to us about our various projects and it was decided that our map would be displayed in the centre on the room, the bottom layer of the map will displayed on a table while the acetate layer and letters will be suspended above. The table location will allow participants to move around freely and explore the map. Our audio recording that accompanies our sound map layer will be on a laptop on another table while there will be an empty table projected onto the back wall on a live feed in which participants can place their own maps when they return from their walk. Below is an image of the space;

Performance Space at The Proud Archivist

During this lecture we also looked at the advertising campaign necessary for the showcasing of our work. It was decided that Angelia would create a flyer while there would also be a Facebook group created.


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