Lecture (Week 6)

This lecture marks the half way point of the module and its time to start making !

I was particularly excited as today we made a trip to a local arts and crafts shop that Kayleigh had located. While there we brought A1 mound board for our bottom layer as we decided that it would be more sturdy that simple card. We also decided to create a 3rd Layer for a map by getting relevant letter to hang above our map representative of our title, we decided that we would cover these in relevant pre-existing maps from the area.

When went back to the archive in order to check in with Hilary and start our map. We discussed what we wanted from the map and after much discussion decided that we did not simply want to copy a pre existing map but instead make or own take on the map that we have found from 1870. We then sat looking at the map and started transferring the main landmarks on to our own mount board. We did so freehand and in pencil paying particular attention to our four chosen landmarks;

  • The Church
  • The Station
  • The Gas Work
  • The Bridge

We then allocated decided on a particular landmark each to go away and research so that we could start making the information packs.

I chose the church as I am intrigued by the silence that it offers and the way it compares with other landmarks in terms of noise.

Below is an image of the local arts and crafts shop that we got our materials from, it was great to locally source our material which means every part of our project will be part of the area.



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