Lecture (Week 3)

During this lecture we went to an Arts venue/café called the Proud Archivist.

Information about the Proud Archivist

The Proud Archivist is built around an engaging and versatile concept – designed and programmed to echo, emulate and revive the traditions of London’s grand 17th & 18th century coffee houses.

Bringing together a simple café / bistro offering alongside & within a gallery / library aesthetic – and overlaid with a diverse fringe cultural and community programming, we want to reflect and represent the interests and passions of the people who make up our area.

A home of conversation, conviviality and stimulation, we want to  become a thriving cultural & entertainment hub at the heart of the community.

Below is an image of the Proud Archivist. The café is in a beautiful location next to the Hackney waterways. I found the atmosphere of the café incredibly welcoming despite the fact that we were a group of ‘Tourists’ in café full of ‘Regulars’.

View from the staircase at The Proud Archivist (c) Luke Hayes

We then went on a walk through the area around us. I decided to go on this walk with Kayleigh and Laura as we found a connection between my theme of noise in London and the idea of what you hear when you say nothing at all and their idea about using a map or mapped walk of the area.

Throughout our walk we took photos and assessed the surrounding area. We found that the area was very quiet and beautiful a massive Juxta-Position from the previous walks that I have been on although there was most definitely still the dull roar of London in the background.

We also found that the area was very residential, there were many flats old and new upon further research I found that the area has undergone

Below are some images from our walk;

This is a map that we found on our walk this was of particular interest to us because we are intrigued by creating a Map as part of our project. The map was located along side St Regent Cannel.




The area where we found these ducks were the quietest on our walk and reminded me of my childhood. This links to the idea that place and evoke memory responses.

Here a few pictures of Maps that we found along the way, this is something that we are now very interested in as a group.



Below is an image of a ‘Peace Wall’ a place were the residents of Hackney can and have displayed art work. I found this project particularly intriguing as it represents a running theme that has come apparent to me about London people are obsessed with finding ‘Peace’ whatever that might mean.


When we arrived back at the Proud Archivist we made a map of our walk. We then discussed our map and others. It was incredibly interesting to examine the other maps and the hidden meaning behind what everybody created, it was interesting to find that people had created objects out of pre-existing maps one group even created the people from there walk out of a London A-Z this was intriguing the idea of the body as a human map.


Below is a recording of the conversation our group had about the progression of our project.


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