Lecture (Week 2)

Today we examined the Tompkins reading;

We concluded the following primary points;

  • Site-specific theatre is a widely contested term that takes on multiple interpretations
  • Tompkins examines the main expressions within Site-Specific theatre ‘Place’ and ‘space’ he looks at what makes a ‘space’ a ‘place’ and how they can be used in a way that does not contradict the authenticity of the area.
  • Tompkins acknowledges the idea that for a performance to be termed Site-specific the has to be a relationship between not only the site and the performer but also the audience.

The next topic of discussion was the daily walks that we embarked upon, and how we chose to record them.

I found in particularly interesting that everyone made a similar observation about the noise that was present throughout their journeys. One comparison that really interested me was peoples perception of greenery in London most observed as a welcome break from the ‘Concrete Mass’.

This conversation has made me consider how I can make comparisons within my project. The one thing that has become apparent through my research is that there is an issue with finding ‘Peace and Quiet’ in the big smoke. With this in mind I have decided to base my project around silence an explore how this contrasts with the busy chosen site of the Hackney Borough.

After out in class discussion about the previous weeks tasks we talked a little bit about the work of Willie Dorner and Vallie Export.

The Artists themselves tend to look at the human form in urban environments, this is of course of particular interest to myself as I am a human form in an urban environment. This has made me consider the different ways in which we can be considered by others when walking around the areas in which we live.

Below are some images from the artists;

We then visited Hoxton Hall where we got to learn about the history from one of the staff members.

It was interesting to find about the community side of the building and hear about its historical value, it also posed a few questions;

  • What makes a community?
  • Who is my project going to be for?
  • What can I take from the area?
  • What can I give to the area?

Below are some images of Hoxton Hall:


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