Noisy Maps and Silent Walks

As one of our tasks we were asked to create a map of a walk that we were to perform three times, because I am interested in the concept of silence in London and what one hears when we stop talking I decided to base my map on the work of Kurt Schwitters an artist that examined way of putting sound on paper, below is an example of his work;

With this in mind I completed my walks.

Observations of First Walk

During my first walk I spent my time speeding from Stratford Station to the Stratford campus due to being late, as I bustled through the busy high-street I noticed how everybody looked the same, moving in the same way everybody is trying to get somewhere not really paying attention to their surroundings.

Because I was consciously thinking about my surroundings I found that I notice a lot more the fundraisers that I normally breeze past without registering I was hyper vigilant of the way that they were accosting individuals trying to get them to donate. I found myself getting more and more angry for the individuals that cold not get away for the conversation that would inevitably culminate in the parting of their money.

Second Walk

With my interest in sound and noise in London I decided to do my second walk with cotton wool buds in my ears.

Although they did not entirely eradicate the noise it did allow me to experience the walk with an altered variable. On this occasion I was not late (for a change) so I took my time looking at the architecture which was incredibly beautiful Stratford is a massive Juxta-Position between the old and the new this is not only visually interesting but also makes for a diverse range of  people.

I was also aware of myself throughout this walk, because I could not hear as clearly my other senses were heightened I was more aware of my surroundings and it made me slightly nervous.

Third Walk

During my third walk I made a sound recording of the journey, because I was making the recording I was profusely aware of the sound around me and I couldn’t help but notice the sheer amount, it is never quiet in the ‘Big Smoke’.

My Noisy Map

When I got back to my flat I played my recording and created the below map. The main thing that I noticed was the very fact that the recording was never silent.



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