Lets Find A Place To Talk…


My name is Jess I am currently a 3rd Year Theatre Studies Student embarking on a Site Specific module.

This blog will record and evaluate the process of creating my very first Site Specific project, it will include various readings as well as a critical evaluation of my work and eventually final piece.

So I guess this post is about finding a start a beginning and a place to talk.

The module itself is based in Hackney at the Dalston Library (A place which I will offer more information about in a later post) so it makes sense to base my project around the Borough. This posed some initial difficulties for me I am not from the area nor do I know much about it as a direct result of this my early research has simply involved looking at pre-existing “Art” for want of a better work and drawing inspiration from it.

That’s all I really have to say with regards to an introduction so lets begin a dialogue, lets talk, lets talk about Hackney.


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