Lecture (Week 1)

During this lecture we examined the module guide and looked at various different areas of Dalston Library;

Dalston Library holds the Hackney Archives and we located everything from old Maps to Old news papers. We also were made aware of the various search engines one can use in order to find out about old buildings and previous occupants.

We also took a walk around the area. It became apparent very quickly that it was undergoing massive changes with various building sites and small cosmopolitan Cafés that look slightly out of place against some of the older buildings.

With my interest in silence it was soon pertinently obvious Hackney does not know how to be quiet from the noise of children playing in the local playground to hum of new age machinery.

With this in mind I came up with the following ideas;

  • A project that involves headphones
  • Letter writing
  • I really enjoyed looking at the old Newspapers so I would love to incorporate those into my project,


This lecture was incredibly useful It gave me the opportunity to understand more about the area that I will be working with both past and present. I think it is imperative to have a deep understanding of both before embarking upon a project in an area that does not belong to you. I will seek to recognise this when presenting my work, as I do not have any desire to appropriate the area as my own.

Below are some images from the Library and the area that surrounds it both old new;

Below is an image of a wall in Hackney which has been added to over the years the community has worked together to create something beautiful.

This is a perfect example of where community meets art to create something that represents an area in a positive light.



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